The year is 2030 in Paris, France. Over the course of the past 15 years, the European Union has taken more and more towards the right, until it finally crumbled down and borders appeared once more in Europe. Religion, gender expression, sexuality, ethnicity and even political affiliations have become difficult in France, to the point of media censorship and the introduction of a curfew.

Les Amis de l’ABC started out as an illegal library in an attempt to educate the people and turn them away from their ignorance. While they are no longer limited to keeping banned books safe, their mission is still the same.


The whole game takes place on twitter, so you will be tweeting as your character.

The first two weeks of the game will just be getting used to the setting. After that, we will have events every one or two weeks. These can be anything from a party to a protest and they will always be announced on our Tumblr beforehand. During the first two weeks, we will post more elaborate setting posts.

The game takes place in real time and the premise is the French timezone. Of course you can participate from other timezones, it just means that you need to pay attention to the local time in France.

We encourage you to roleplay scenes outside of twitter, for example on skype, or to discuss them with others involved.

You should be able to tweet at least once a week. We know that sometimes life can be very busy, but 140 characters in one week should be possible for everyone. If you cannot make this, you can always contact Enjolras or Courfeyrac.

Please stick to your face claim after you have chosen one.


Please don’t make decisions for or about other characters without asking the player first.

Be nice to everyone. If someone does something to upset you and you’re not sure how to approach that person, feel free to contact Enjolras (@BibliABC) or Courfeyrac (@Courfrerac).

Please keep OOC talk to Direct Messages.


Please send us an ask with the following:
Your name:
Your URL:
Character you’re applying for:
How would you see this character’s role in the group?
Please give us three sample tweets:

Please understand that it may take us a few days to respond. If you have been accepted, create your twitter account and please fill out and submit the following:

Your name:
Character name:
Character age:
Face claim:
Headcanons you deem important:
Pairings you ship: [optional]


Jean Prouvaire

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